We have SEVERAL new classes we are now offering. If you see one you like and are interested in jumping into, give us a call and we will set you up with the perfect time and day that works best for you! If you have a suggestion of a class you may be interested in taking still give us a call and fill us in on what it is and we can get something going!

Double Knitting
Taught by Elaine or Marcia

                            Knit a pretty Fir-Cone Sachet, from Interweave Knit Gifts magazine. 
                              Double knitting has long been considered one of the higher peaks
                                   of advanced knitting!

                                                                         *Interweave Knit Gifts Magazine

                                                                         *Interweave Knit Gifts Magazine

Beginner Knitting
Taught by anyone of the Yarn Garden staff

Learn the basics of knitting. You'll learn to cast on, the knit stitch, and purl stitch all in only 2 hours.
Once you take this class you have the right to come back as many times as you need for help, at no cost!

Building Blocks
Taught by anyone of the Yarn Garden staff

So far the building blocks has been a huge success and everyone working on this is loving it! We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month, you come in whatever time you would like. Or, you could come in any of the other days we are open and get started or get help. The final product is a beautiful Afghan!

Taught by Marcia or Carol

      You will learn the basic anatomy of a sock by making a baby sock. By learning the basics, you can knit ANY sock!

Baby Surprise
Taught by Marcia or Carol

This is a PERFECT class for a new great grandmother, grandmother, and even new mothers! Your final project, you will end up with a cute little sweater for your precious baby. The only requirement is you must know how to knit!

Color Work
Taught by Marcia or Carol

Ornaments, stockings, socks, etc.
These simple items get you started with
the beautiful product of Color Work!

Toys (Dolls)
Taught by Josephine

    On Thursdays Josephine can help you out with ANY toy or doll you would like to knit!

Learn to Knit in Round
Taught by any of the Yarn Garden Staff

Project: Hat, you not only learn to knit in the round but you also learn how to use double points.

Charts (Any Charts)

Come in anytime with your chart and we will be more than happy to help you out.
Free of charge!

*If you did not see a class you are interested in, and have an idea of one you would like to take DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL AND WE WILL SET SOMETHING UP PERFECT FOR YOU!*