Welcome to Technique Lab!  Each week, we will explore a different knitting technique.  Each lab will be one hour and students will be provided with a lab report to complete.  Hands-on knitting experiments will be part of each lab. Some labs will require minimal pre-work to be completed prior to the session. Extra credit projects will be provided to reinforce what is learned in class. Students are encouraged to attend all sessions as the techniques and methods build upon each other. However, if space is available, students may opt to attend specific labs. 

Pre-Requisites: Students must be able to cast on, knit, purl and bind off. Completing pre-course swatch will enhance learning experience.

Required materials:

  • worsted weight, 100% wool, preferably Cascade 220 in a light color (yarn for all classes should always be purchased at the Yarn Garden)
  • US size 7 needles
  • scissors

All classes will be at 11:00 am. (They are also on the Calendar)


Lab 101:

  • Casting on
  • Ribbing and Tension
  • Increases
  • Decreases
  • Binding Off
  • Weaving in tails/Blocking
  • Make-up Class

Lab 102

  • Gauge
  • Cables
  • Basic color work
  • Short rows
  • Seaming
  • Picking ups stitches/Grafting
  • Make-up Class

Pre-Course Swatch

CO 20 sts and work K2P2 ribbing for 1 ½”.  Increase 5 sts evenly in the last rib row (25 sts.)  Work St st for 2 inches ending with a WS row.  Dec row (RS):  K3, K2tog, K15, SSK, K3.  Continue in St st for 1” and BO.  Bring swatch to first class.



Class will meet on Tuesdays and taught by Marcia Anderson. This is a series of 4 classes that focus on knitting a sweater to fit your measurements. You will learn basic sweater construction and finishing techniques.

$100 plus supplies

AuthorKnit Kitten

Prerequisite:  Learn to Knit or Equivalent Skill Level

Class Level:  Beginner

This class is a 4 session class in which the student will knit basic sweater. You will learn all the basic steps applicable to all basic sweater construction including gauging, pattern reading, seaming, binding off and other important tips. There will be homework between class sessions.

Class Project:  Basic Sweater

$100 plus supplies

AuthorKnit Kitten