Prerequisite:  Learn to Knit or Equivalent Skill Level

Class Level:  Intermediate

Learn to knit this Top Down knitting method, creating a seamless sweater, which eliminates the need to sew all those pieces together. Most knitters dread assembling their projects. A great benefit with the Top Down method is that you can check fit as you knit. You can try on as you go like adjust the sleeve length as well as body of sweater.  Judy made her models for this class with short sleeves for spring & summer, but its so easy to just keep knitting to your desired sleeve length. Judy also added colors, but each knitter can decide to do solid or add stripes. All of these alternatives are available in the same pattern. 

Judy will be teaching a 4 session class (every other week with homework in between sessions) from the book, Seamlessly Yours, by Mary Rich Goodwin. The book includes patterns for kids to adults (male and female).

Class Project:  Sweater

$100 plus supplies (yarn and book at shop)

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