4 Hours

Prerequisite: Learn to Knit, Step 2, Hat Class, or Equivalent Skill Level

Knitting a pair of socks is fun and addictive. This is a 4 hour class to learn the basic construction of a sock, by knitting a baby sock, using double point needles. Go from cuff to turning a heel, making a gussett, shaping a toe and grafting. 

  • Basic Anatomy of a Sock
  • Knit each section: Cuff, Leg, Heel Flap, Turn Heel, Shape gusset, Foot, Toe
  • Picking Up Stitches
  • Decreases: K2tog and SSK
  • Finish with Kitchener Stitch

Class Project:  1 Baby Sock

Cost:  $45 plus yarn and needles

AuthorKnit Kitten