This is an opportunity to learn some new skills in Knitting. We are blossoming out!!!!

Building block number 1 was a success. Next on the agenda is number 2, which will be on Saturday--July 19th. If you missed number 1 and are interested, come on in and we will get you started!

Our blossoms will continue to unfold each petal on the 3rd Saturday of each month!! 

Our plant will continue to grow into a beautiful flower we call an Afghan. Come on in to sign up and begin to buy all your gardening tools for this project. You will be needing 6 different tools to complete your arsenal. The very 1st tool will be the Building Blocks book, 2nd tool is the yarn of your choice, 3rd are your needles, 4th is cable needles, 5th markers, and last but not least number 6 is tape.

Carol has completed Blossom number 1 entitled Knit/Purl--and is currently working on number 2 which is called Charts. We are excited to get the seeds beginning to plant and watch this beautiful flower aka: Afghan grow!!!!